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A Day in The Life of a 2nd Year Fine Art Student at Kingston University

9:00a.m.: Wake up for the day! As a Fine Art student, my course is less about constant lectures and more about creating work in KSA's Fine Art studios, so I'll admit my wake-up time can be flexible depending on what I need to get done. This year, our studio spaces are by the Thames River, and are open from 8am-8pm - however, I do like a bit of a lie-in, so I'll admit I'm rarely there for opening up. :wink: Most of my timetabled classes or tutorials start at 10a.m, so I find that waking up at around 9:00a.m is just enough time for me to get myself ready, grab something to eat and get out of my flat to walk to class.

9:50a.m: Arrive at the studios and get myself set up for the day. Our time in the studio is largely independently driven, but we do have critiques and group tutorials every week or two. Luckily, today is all about solo work as we have an upcoming group exhibition, so I put on one of my Spotify playlists and continue working on my piece.

11:00a.m: As much as I love the process of making art, I do need a break from it here and there. To clear my head, I'll walk around the rest of the studio space and see who else is around, usually making small talk about our current work (or our upcoming nights out!).

12:30p.m: Head out for lunch. If my bank account is looking surprisingly good, I might hit up one of the nearby restaurants with a few friends from my course - but most days are like today, where I walk over to the nearby Penrhyn Road campus to pick up something from the canteen. I grab a salad and a coffee from the Costa Coffee stand and relax for a little while.

1:30p.m: Realise I've run out of the coloured card I need to complete my exhibition piece, so pop over to the main KSA campus at Knight's Park to visit the art shop. On top of being the closest place to pick up art supplies, it's also the cheapest, as all products are available to you at discounted student rates. I manage to get what I need, so back to the studios to install my work ahead of the show's opening next week. :smile:

3:00p.m: Finish hanging my work in my studio space. One thing I love about the KU Fine Art course is that you're responsible for putting your work up - which has definitely improved my D.I.Y. skills over the past year.

3:30p.m: Have a chat with my studio neighbours - aka, people whose working space is beside mine - about what they're planning to do for the exhibition. I then tidy up for the day, sort out my new locker, and begin to head home through Kingston's Ancient Market.

4:00pm: I need to pick up some groceries for the week, so grab some quick bits and pieces in the Sainsbury's in the town centre. Stop by Kingston's local art shops, Cass Art and Pullinger's to have a look at their student sales, and manage to nab some chunky graphite sticks for a good price.

4:30pm: Arrive home and relax! Depending on my mood, I might go and see a movie at the Odeon nearby, or go out for some drinks at The King's Tun (Wetherspoons). However, I'm exhausted from starting back at university after doing nothing all summer, so it'll be a quiet night-in for me. :biggrin:

- Eve (Kingston Rep).
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