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The Counselling and Mental Health Service at Bradford

Today is World Mental Health Day. A day to raise awareness of mental health problems.

It's so important to look after your mental health and wellbeing, especially whilst at university, but it can be hard to know where to begin. Here's some information about the Counselling and Mental Health Service here at the University of Bradford.

You can also listen to our podcast where Gill, manager of the Counselling and Mental Health Service, and Mehak, a Student Mental Health Ambassador, discuss what Bradford's Counselling and Mental Health Service does to support our staff and students. 🎧

Who is in the team and what do they do?
The team is made up of counsellors and mental health advisors who can offer you different support depending on your situation.

Mental Health Advisors
Our mental health advisors are your first port of call, they help you by providing practical solutions to problems. They can direct you to the right place, whether that be a counsellor or another support team, such as the Student Life Team or Disability Services.

Our counsellors are here to offer you emotional support through difficult times. Your sessions with a counsellor last 50 minutes over up to four sessions and are on a one-to-one basis.

Reasons you might want to speak to the team 💭
You can speak to the team for a wide range of reasons. No matter how big or small they seem, if they are making life that bit harder to manage, it's always worth a visit. Some situations could be:

▪️ exam stress
▪️ pressures in friendship groups
▪️ confidence
▪️ social anxiety
▪️ problems at home
▪️ low mood
▪️ relationship advice

Things to look out for
There could be things going on that you may not even realise could become an issue further down the line. If you are noticing any of the follow things, it might be worth chatting to the team:

▪️ changes in eating habits
▪️ lack of sleep
▪️ anxiety
▪️ withdrawing from friends and family
▪️ switching off from university work

What are your top tips for taking care of your mental health and wellbeing whilst at university? 💚

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