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Life as a student nurse at Bradford

Hi, I'm Aaron. My university dream began in September 2019 when I got accepted onto the BSc Adult Nursing course based at the University of Bradford under the Mid Yorkshire Trust. Alongside studying, I work part-time as a dental nurse.


About me πŸ‘‹
Starting university at the age of 35 led me to believe that I was too old for this...but you're never too old to follow your dreams!

The nursing course exceeded all my expectations. Growing up, my inspiration was to become a nurse and my life experiences have paved the way for me to finally do what I always wanted to do.

My course
The course is a three-year programme, and I am based at the Mid Yorkshire Teaching Hospital Trust. The cohort I am in is made up of around 42 people. Fifty percent of the course is practical on placement and the other part is academic, based at the Oakwell Centre in Dewsbury.

The most exciting part is that I made friends for life along the way, and we have all come from varied backgrounds, which makes my support networks extensive.

What to expect
With the course being 50/50 you get to learn all the clinical skills required within an academic setting before putting them into practice.

You learn the concepts of the human anatomy. In year one, we had four exams covering the cardiovascular system, homeostasis, the respiratory system and the digestive system. We also had the drug calculations exam - but don't worry, the support you get from the academic tutors is second to none.

You will be expected to complete an assignment. My assignment was based on the professionalism of a student nurse.

Lectures take place two and a half days a week, and you are required to complete self-directed learning. The learning material given to us by the tutors is very helpful and you will always feel fully prepared for your lectures!

Group tasks include presentations and team-building exercises. This allowed me to progress my communication skills and build knowledge by learning from my peers.

Placement area
Over the course of three years, you will be expected to carry out six placements, that's two a year.

My first placement was on Elderly Medicine and Ortho based at Pinderfields Hospital, and my second one was based in the community.

Both placements were roughly ten weeks each.

I think for most nursing students the most exciting part is the placements. There, you will learn all the skills required to become a competent nurse, such as basic adult care like washing, feeding, and cleaning patients which is so important.

You will assist a qualified nurse on the drug rounds and will be constantly assessing your patients for deterioration and the ones getting progressively well.

Observations will take place by assessing a patients' heart/pulse rates, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation.

You will be shown how to administer the medications and taught how to assess your patients. It is important that you keep a record of all information by completing the right documentation.

Why nursing? πŸ€”
I chose nursing because I believe it is more than a job and is much more rewarding. The opportunities available within nursing are endless!

You can follow many career paths to ensure you follow your true calling, but most of all, make a real difference to people's lives.

For anyone considering nursing, I would highly recommend it and here's why...

Mid Yorkshire and the University of Bradford staff and tutors provide the best support. You will be supported every step of the way and given the right resources to unlock your true potential.

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