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I am thinking of getting a PGCE in FE hoping to teach Alevel or maybe even GCSE students.
I also wouldn’t mind teaching GCSE students as in college you get to teach students from KS4/5.
I Just have been looking at other people commenting about how a PGCE in FE has not been beneficial for them and they felt like it was a useless degree, mainly because they never achieved a QTS.
I did think about going in secondary pgce to teach psychology with a QTS as I did an undergraduate in early childhood studies, but I wouldn’t want to teach years 7- years 9.
With a FE, you also have a choice in teaching higher education but you would need to get a masters.
Anyway, If I did decide to do a PGCE in FE, and wanted to later acquire QTS so that I can be qualified 🙄, what are the routes to this and will SFE help me?
I would also like to get masters later on, will I still be eligible for it?
I do currently work in a FE college as a LSA supporting students in GCSE and Alevel course/ equivalent.

sorry, if this is a long message to read, I just keep on thinking about this and it’s been on my mind because I would really like to do this but I don’t want to regret it after doing it.
Please if someone could help with my question. Thank you
If you train for FE, you gain a QTLS and then that qualifies you to teach adult learners. You would need to convert to QTS later if you wanted to then teach secondary. The PGCE part is not required for either age group, but is the academic enquiry into teaching and gives you one third of a masters. To do a secondary teacher training course, your degree needs some relevance to the subject you would like to teach, so it would be worth contacting providers to see if they would accept an application from you.

It would be beneficial to you, I feel, to sign up for support from a Teacher Training Adviser. We are experienced teachers who offer a free, personalised service, who can talk you through all your options and discuss the different ways into teaching - and can also support you with the application and interview process. Follow this link and someone will contact you shortly.

Good luck!
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You can teach in secondary schools (or primary schools) with QTLS.

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