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TSR Quiz of the Week #136! (10 February 2023)

It's time for Quiz of the Week again!

Welcome to the latest instalment of the Quiz of the Week series! I will be testing your knowledge of news stories from this week. Visit the master thread for more details of the series, and to sign up for notifications when a quiz goes live!

How it works
This quiz is conducted via Google Forms and there is no need to prove your score for this, as the quiz asks for your TSR username and I can see all responses.

Filling in a valid TSR username is a requirement for being placed on the scoreboard. Please feel free to comment your scores below - it's fun to see how others have done!

The form will automatically score the quiz for you. The person scoring the most points will receive a tasty prize of 100 rep thanks to the Community Staff. Whoever places second and third will also receive 50 and 30 rep respectively, so it's all to play for!

Happy quizzing!
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Let's get quizzical!


A standard 6/10 this week :lol:
6/10 this week
9/10 and got the numbers mixed up for the tie breaker :biggrin:
i also got 6/10 :smile:
A below par 2/10 for me

As usual, irresistibly close to the tiebreaker


As usual I took the tie brake very seriously

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