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revision methods to get me a grade 9 in gcse edexcel bio

hi I need effective revision methods to get mea grade 9/9 in bio I have test soon and I have strict khaleeji Arab parents and they want grade 9 in school cuz like u. guys know Arab parents they want 100 percent and if u get 99 percent they are like where is the. bercent. y3ni someone help me pls I need to get good grade. or im done and getting sent back to riyadh from Dubai help me xxxxx
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hi, got a 9 in bio in the end after consistently scoring 7s/low 8s in my mocks. Honestly the things that everyone tells you to stick to are correct - flashcards, past papers and a whole lot of physicsmathstutor. Use flashcards to basically list out everything you know about for example CHD. Do practice/past papers on the topics you're weak in; with bio, even if you know the material, it is so so so important to understand how to phrase your answers so that they include the keywords mark schemes want. I advise you to use CGP guides as they have good coloured highlighting on key words and revise from them. For 6 markers, it is a lot of practice and tbh, mark scheme learning. gl

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