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Supercurricular for university application

Hello! I am year 11 now and I want to do Mathematics at Oxford. I am wondering that are there any good supercurricular that I can do now to strengthen my Oxford application ?
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You could do a summer school at Sutton Trust, UNIQ or UCL in the summer after Year 12, granted those are only free for those who attend state schools.

Do some online talks and courses, such as on Future Learn.

Listen to podcasts and read books.

Don't forget to journal each activity you do, so you remember what you did and how you felt about it.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, do only what you would enjoy doing and never do something uninteresting for the sake of being a nice little filler in an application. For Oxford, they really look for someone who has passion about the subject, and it really shows when you force it.

Also maybe focusing on getting the best possible grades for your GCSEs would be better than doing supercurriculars: for shortlisted applicants the mean number of GCSEs at grades 9/8 was 8.5.

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