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Is it worth writing about uni-ran programmes in personal statement for Cambridge?

I'm applying for English at Cambridge, UCL, KCL, St Andrews and Durham. I got into The Scholars Programme in 2019, which is a university ran programme that encourages people to apply for higher education. I wrote a section on it in my Personal Statement. I've also included it in the 'Extra Activities' section on the UCAS application, and they mention you can use your personal statement to go into more detail. But I'm wary of word count, is it better to cut it out and maybe talk about supercurriculars instead? Or is The Scholars Programme an impressive thing that I should keep in?
If it's relevant to the subject you're applying for then keep it in, otherwise chop it out and talk more about supercurriculars in English.
yes - depends what else you have on your personal statement too - but if its got relevant takeaways then talk about it

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