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Switching from ACA to ATT/CTA

Hey everyone,

Has anyone here switched qualifications in a L7 apprenticeship? I'm currently in Audit, and started with the ACA. Have passed 4 exams already.

I did a secondment in Tax and absolutely loved it. This is exactly what I want to do - and the more niche the better, i.e I don't mind being pigeonholed.

I've just got a really great offer for PCT from another firm - my starting salary is already higher than my current (and that's including exam pass raises), only catch is that I have to do ATT/CTA. Cannot do ACA/CTA here. Switching to tax at my current firm is not possible.

I'm hesitant to speak with my Kaplan tutor just yet because I don't want my firm being alerted that I'm considering leaving.

Am i able to switch qualifications in a L7 apprenticeship? If anyone has done this, can you give me some insight into the process?


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