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Navigating Experience Days: a personal journey

If you get an offer from us, you may receive an exclusive invitation to an Experience Day, where you can take part in subject sessions, meet future course-mates and see what the campus has to offer! In this blog Horhorli shares four tips to help you make the most of your Experience Day.

Why attend an Experience Day?
Attending an Experience Day provides a firsthand look into the academic world and your course. It’s a chance to engage with professors and support staff, explore campus facilities, and gain a deeper understanding of your chosen course. Experience Days are invaluable to you as a prospective student, and help you make informed decisions about your academic journey.
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Experience Days and Open Days: what's the difference?
While Open Days provide a broader view of the University, Experience Days focus on the more academic aspects. Experience Days are more specialised and offer an in-depth insight into specific departments or programmes. If you're looking for a tailored exploration of your prospective course, an Experience Day is the ideal choice.

My personal experience
Having attended an Experience Day myself, the impact was profound. Interacting with professors and participating in hands-on activities solidified my decision to pursue a certain field. It demystified the academic environment and fostered a sense of belonging, making my eventual transition to university smoother.
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Tips for Experience Days
Research beforehand: familiarise yourself with the schedule and plan your day to make the most of the experience
Ask questions: Don't be shy - professors and current students are there to help. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain insights.
Network: Connect with fellow attendees. Building a network early can prove beneficial throughout your academic journey.
Take notes: Jot down key points and observations. These will be valuable when reflecting on your experience later.

In essence, Experience Days serve as crucial stepping stones in your academic journey. They offer a glimpse into the future, helping individuals make informed decisions to shape their educational path.
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