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an inspector calls

: What does the writer J.B Priestley convey about society through the use of the characters and pot in the play?
brief points :

he uses the inspector as a mouthpiece of his socialist ideas , Priestly believed that the extreme social divide was the reason for the downfall of society hence world war.

Mr Birling is "hard headed man of business" , he is potrayed as naive and clueless in regards to politics as he goes to say "germany dont want war" <--- ironic as contemporary audience are aware that war indeed broke out.

Sheila and Eric are embodiment of younger generation in the reocurring theme of old vs young , they are presented as redeemable for their actions and somewhat moral despite the fact that they did wrong , throughout the play Priestly does not fail to prevent the audience despising Eric, in the quote "when a chap turns nasty" he completely disassociates himself from his actions hence already showing the audience he is a dynamic charachter that sought to change.

Edna is a symbolisation of working class

this is it ig , there more points you need to form a well structured essay but these are brief points answering the question.

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