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Eng lit advice for grade 9

How to get a grade 9 in eng lit in 2 months?
Original post by StudentstraightA
How to get a grade 9 in eng lit in 2 months?
I got a 9 in english lit last year after getting a 5 in my most recent mocks, there is definitely still enough time.

I'd say make sure you have a strong foundation on the texts knowing what the plot is inside and out. Then ensure you know what the purpose of the books are, as in what is the writer using the text to show both in the context of the plot and the individual characters. Then I think you'd be in a good enough place to start writing essay plans for the question they might ask you about. Even if you don't cover all the questions they could possibly ask you, you'd have built a good foundation to answer any question with quotes and analysis at your disposal.

Again for poetry go through your anthology and make sure you first understand and remember what all the poems are about, annotate them and have a rough idea of what you would write about them. Definitely don't neglect unseen poetry as that's one you can do well in without any quote learning.

Don't get too hung up about how you revise for it just find a method and stick to it. Good luck!!!

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