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WELCOME ----- 9.02.24

Hello 👋 👋👋🪇

[I was writing the draft for this yesterday, until it hit midnight. Then afterwards, I was writing this draft…today.

Bienvenue, I am a GCSE student, studying 11 sujets, hoping to emulate the goddess that got 11 9s
[we all do 11 subjects at my school, but she especially got 9s for them all. mind kapoosh 🤯]

I am planning on dropping in for weekly updates on my gyg so come visit, we can prepare a nice garden picnic and enjoy the sun and the sky and all things hot… - Olaf 2013.

Things have been going well, I feel like I’m on a roll (finally remembering my workflow after I forgot it ahah 🔑.)

Things. Have been good; I feel like the people around me have faith in me and that I feel I have the feeling that people have faith in me…

…mmm maybe writing at midnight isn’t a good idea…


Eng Lit 5 5
Eng Lan 5 6
French 3 6
Further 9 -
Biology 9 -
Chemis 9 -
Physics 9 -
Compu 9 -
Geogra 9 -

History 6 7
Mathes 8 -


- maintain high grades
- focus on french speaking, listening
- englishhhhhh
- history 👉👉ᵖᵉʷ

- zen aum~
- work in evening routine
- read lit texts
- read hist textbooks
- jazzy seneca/memrise
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now I want to say: why did this get posted but my grg -1 has to go through revision. rrr 🦜

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