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Business idea to help students get a job in pharma/biotech/medtech

Hi All,

I hope this message is appropriate and not in violation of any community guidelines (I'm prepared to delete immediately, if so). However, I was hoping I might be able to get some feedback on an idea I have...

My plan is to create a company that can support graduates/students to get a job in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology or medical technology industry. I think the industry as a whole can be relatively hard to understand unless you know people already working in it. It's not always easy to understand the types of opportunities and how best to land a job. The support would predominately be through 3 individual services:

1. Mentoring: connecting students with professionals already working in the industry (in relevant roles to the students aspirations)

2. Coaching: to support with career planning, job interview prep etc.

3. Profile Support: professional support for things like CV writing and LinkedIn profile optimisation

I guess my main question would be, do you think there is a place for a service like this? And if so, would it be a service that is valuable enough that you'd be willing to pay?

Any feedback - good, bad or netural would be very welcome! Many thanks for reading this far :smile:

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