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University of Wales Trinity Saint David Philosophy, Religion and Ethics & benefits

Hi everyone,

So, I'm looking for a distance learning philosophy degree and this one ive found seems to tick all the right boxes. I'm am determined to do a degree after having been diagnosed schizophrenic in 2017/18 and being out of education for 6 years. I think Philosophy might be good for me because I often ruminate about things and this has been one factor that had demonstrated itself throughout my mental health journey. I am part way making an application, but I am so reluctant to press the "apply" button. I keep thinking what if i fail, what if ti's not the right time etc. Can anyone recommend this course at this university (University of Wales Trinity Saint David), or if at a different uni? Please help, I am so confused.

Also, I am on PIP and ESA. Would I lose my benefits if I applied for this course?

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