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Veterinary nursing interview

I have an interview and have to do short presentation about a scenario that was given to me. have no idea how to structure or what to even say .I do but I don't at the same time lol.helpp.

A client presents their 16 week old rabbit to the veterinary practice as she is very lethargic and is not eating. The veterinary surgeon advises the client that the rabbit appears to have suffered some sort of trauma. On further discussion with the client it transpires that the owners 8 year child threw the rabbit on the floor earlier that day; there are several options in terms of treatment:

The rabbit can be hospitalised for symptomatic treatment that will cost in the region of £200 - £300.
The rabbit can be euthanised
The owner could consider signing over the rabbit to the veterinary practice or an animal rescue charity.
Having considered the options the client asks the veterinary surgeon to euthanase the rabbit; it will be the cheapest and easiest option for them.

Are there any other options for this patient? How would you approach discussions with the owner to ensure the best decision for the patient was made?

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