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Mr birling essay PLEASE MARK

Priestly explores themes of social responsibility and class. The play an inspector calls was performed in 1945 (while being set in 1912) and was aimed at the upper classes to show them that their actions would have consequences if they continued to neglect the poor.

The character Mr. Birling represents the capitalist views of a greedy and arrogant businessman who only cares about themselves and their families. J.b priestley uses Eva smith/ daisy renton to show how the upper classes actions towards their staff (the lower classes) can lead to tragedy.

Mr Aurthar Birling is an arrogant, avaricious, patronising businessman. Birling is the head of the Birling family household. He is married to Mrs sybil birling, a son Eric birling, and a daughter sheila birling. Mr Birling was an active member of the community in Brumley and believes he is in the running for the knighthood position.

Throughout the play Mr birling makes it clear that he is only concerned about his money.Mr birling believes that money is his most valuable asset. When Mr birlings daughter Sheila reveals that she is engaged to Gerald croft at the dinner table Mr birling sees an opportunity an opportunity for a business deal Mr croft and how he is looking “forward to the time when the Crofts and Birlings are no longer competing but working together for lower costs and higher prices.” This shows the audience how he is using his daughter's engagement as a business deal which will allow him higher profits and access to the upper class and a higher social status. The quote shows us (and the audience at the time) how driven Mr. Birling is by money. When he says “lower costs and higher prices” it shows the audience how greedy and possessive Mr birling is with his money, it also shows his lack of care of the impact the “lower costs will have on his staff members as he is taking away even more of their money. While Mr. Birling is lowering his labour cost, it is causing his staff like Eva/Daisy to follow different career paths like prostitution.

Mr. Birling uses his place in the upper middle class to his advantage. When inspector google questions him on eva smith/daisy rentons suicdie he first denies knowing who she was and claims he had never seen her. However as the inspector uncovers the truth of how she used to work for him he tries to pass blame to others by attempting to distract the inspector by complimenting her ‘hard work’ and what a ‘nice girl’ she was. By Mr birling denying to the inspector ever knowing the girl it present the idea of arrogance and snobbish behaviour to the audience causing them to lose trust in the character as Mr birling is only trying to protect himself and his family and shows no sympathy to his rule in eva/ daisies suicde.

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