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If you have already or are still taking part in the study I posted previously following the same process, please do not take part in this study as this is a separate condition!!

I am currently conducting an undergraduate dissertation as part of my psychology degree. The study is on the effectiveness of virtual nature-based interventions delivered in the form of short video clips over a seven-day period. Participation will involve completing one online survey for seven consecutive days however it is ok to only complete day 1. The surveys include brief questionnaires and 6-minute nature videos to watch.

Note: you will be asked for a pseudonym as part of each survey, you can use a mix of your initials and numbers of your choice but use the same across each day (e.g. TL9078). Once the study is complete, this pseudonym will be removed, and your responses will become part of the dataset for this study.

The closing date for participation is March 31st. However, it would be preferable to begin with the first survey at least a week before this deadline to allow time to complete each survey. To participate in this study, you must at 18+ years old and must not have an existing mental health condition to safeguard against the potential for discomfort around topics (stress and wellbeing) covered in this study. 

Please only complete the corresponding links for the appropriate day of your participation (approx.: 24 hours since completing last form)

Day 1 and Consent Form:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

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