Learning resources are no longer available on The Student Room; but here's where you can find them

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How to access flashcards, study planners and more

As anyone who's visited The Student Room will know, our website is home to thousands of active conversations about study help, university applications and life in general.

We publish hundreds of articles too, covering topics such as school and college work, exam revision and university life.

And for the past 10 years The Student Room has hosted a range of learning resources, including flashcards, quizzes and study planners.

That's because The Student Room Group, the company which owns The Student Room, has also been the owner of learning resource website Get Revising.

While The Student Room and Get Revising were part of the same company, Get Revising's learning resources were integrated into The Student Room as The Student Room Learning.

Get Revising has new owners

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If you're a school, college or university student, The Student Room is here for you. We're committed to building our friendly, helpful and unique community to become even better, every day. It's what we do.

To help us focus even more closely on this mission, we made the decision to find new owners for Get Revising. Doing this means we're able to free up more of our time to focus on our work for The Student Room community.

So we're delighted to share that Get Revising has new owners: Tutorist Ltd.

"The team at Tutorist are so excited to continue The Student Room's wonderful work on these study tools," says Chris Perman, CEO at Tutorist.

"We plan to further improve the site over the coming months and years. There will be new tools added and all the existing great content will remain available and free."

Where to find existing learning resources from The Student Room Learning

If you've been accessing learning resources on The Student Room Learning, don't worry! These haven't gone away completely. It's just that you will no longer be able to access them on The Student Room.

From now on, you can access any existing learning resources by going to Get Revising.

  • Resources that have been created on The Student Room Learning will now be available on Get Revising
  • If you have been a user of The Student Room Learning, you will need to do a password reset on Get Revising in order to access your account on that website
  • If you run into any issues or have further questions about accessing your resources from The Student Room Learning, you should contact Get Revising support.

Help! I've got more questions

Hopefully this article helps explain what's happening with learning resources on The Student Room

However, if you run into any problems with finding or accessing learning resources on Get Revising, you can get help by sending an email to [email protected].