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Anybody bought from Boohoo reviews and clothes quality.

Well the title explains it all really? Has anybody bought from What are they like?

I've been looking on the site and they have some cheap but nice dresses etc and I really want to order them but i've heard some bad things about their service so i'm not sure what to do?

So has anyone ordered from the site and how was everything (delivery, item quality etc)

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Check out our megathread of reviews for all the main online fashion brands if you're considering buying clothes online.

This has turned into a HUGE thread now.

Quick roundup of the Boohoo reviews/clothes quality/delivery opinions below:

The clothes are mostly great quality for the price, the fit is sometimes a little on the small side.

A few people are saying delivery can be slow/a little unreliable.

They give students unlimited free next day delivery if you sign up here - so this might help solve that problem!
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yes i have brought from plenty of times:smile: yes most of the time delivery etc is fine... although they have charged me previously for a dress i didn't get but after 2 weeks the money was placed into my account... clothes are great.
hope that helps
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I ordered there a few times, clothes are great. Delivery a little slow, arrived two weeks later, other than that it's good.

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Students get unlimited free next day delivery if you sign up as a student here.
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Yeah, clothes are great :smile: service is also good. Go for it! :smile:
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My friends order from there and say the sizes are often a bit off, so I don't risk it!
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Original post by Magikus
My friends order from there and say the sizes are often a bit off, so I don't risk it!

Yup, this. Their customer service was great though. :biggrin:
To be honest I have mixed views with them. Their designs are great, the fit, not so much. They don't seem to be that well made and the seams often unravel quickly, but I suppose you pay for what you get.

Last order I had from, the courier threw it over my gate.
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people are saying here the fit isnt accurate how is the fit off? As in is it too big to size.. Too small etc
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Original post by fxyz
people are saying here the fit isnt accurate how is the fit off? As in is it too big to size.. Too small etc

I've had friends say that it seemed a bit small, for example a waist cinching dress was a bit high at the waist, so it didn't sit like it they advertised on the pictures. And the dresses are often very short which is obvious if you have a bigger arse than the models they use!
I would agree...I bought a "dress" to wear with leggings which turned out to be far too short. I kept it anyway to wear with jeans, but as others mentioned it didn't take long for seams and threads to start unravelling. seem to be good quality on the other hand, have you looked at their website?
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The dresses are quite often really tight for the size you bought, or they're a lot shorter than they appear. The clothes often look really different when they arrive than they did on the website but returning is no problem its quite fast, delivery is fine, only thing I would say is the quality is really bad- they aren't well made which is why they are cheap. Its a bit like primark though, for the price you can't really complain about the quality!
I never had problems with Always got the items delivered to me very fast, no mistakes made. Good quality clothes for the price as seen in pictures really. Never had trouble with sizes at all, although many reviewed items I bought said go for bigger size, yet I ignored it and went with my normal size (size 8), it always fits me well. Some jeans might need a bit of wiggling in until they naturally stretch but that's a good thing about skinnys.
I say go for it, if you're not happy you can return the clothes :smile:
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I have :yep: The service/delivery was fine, and I got my items relatively fast, within about 3 days. I've never had a problem with them.

The dress I bought from there was so nice that I bought the same one in a different colour! It was pretty good quality for the price too, can't go wrong for £20 :h:
Yeah, I got a pair of leggings from there once. It came in 3 days and in good quality :smile:
Don't worry they're fine :smile: I've ordered shoes from there before and I'm about to order some clothes :smile:

Always make sure you read the reviews! Very helpful! Can save the annoyance of having to send stuff back (though to be fair they make it quite easy!).

The clothes are cheap too..WOO :biggrin:

I never see anything I like on the high street anymore and I hate shopping (yes I am a girl) and find it stressful...internet shopping is perfect!! Just click away leisurely in my dressing gown :wink: god im lazy :tongue:

One thing about - if you like something, order it fast! They sell out so quickly especially size 8 :frown: xx
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someone probably has.
I ordered from them on 30th January, still got my order in time for New Year's Eve!

Also ordered from them other times. Delivery is fine, but have to agree that their sizing/quality isn't always the best. Pocket came off my cardigan on one side after only a few wears so had to sew it back up, for example. Bought two dresses, both came up small. Skirts fit in my size though. Bought shoes, found that they were huge (I'm normally a 5 in flats, a 5/6 in heels depending on heel height, so bought shoes in both sizes, and the 5s were about a half size too big... Bit of a pain because they were all lovely shoes!!).
I bought a pair of leggings from them, ordered on a Weds afternoon, and because I wanted to wear them on the Friday I paid for next day delivery. I kinda forogt about them so by Friday I was just annoyed that they hadn't arrived. I emailed them and sent them a message through the form on the website and hadn't recieved a reply by the Tuesday, and they don't have a phone number on their website due to their "excellent online customer service" HA!
I contacted them via Twitter, all the responses were quick but they basically just said it had been collected by the courier, and they then didn't know where the item was by the Thursday. Finally they found out that there wasn't a postcode on the package, which wasn't my fault because there's no way I could have put the order through without one.
Anyway, got it on the Monday, so 11 days after I was meant to recieve it, and I had to push them to refund the £6 or whatever it is that I paid for next day delivery. I was fuuuuuurious!!
I've bought from there several times and have got some really nice items! I haven't had any problems with them being of particularly crappy quality, I wouldn't say it's much worse than in any of the high street shops to be honest.

Occasionally the sizing can be off, once I bought in a dress in my usual size 10 and it was really baggy so I had to return and I also bought a pair of jeans in a 12 because all the reviews were saying they fit small and the size 12 fit perfect on me. So where possible read the reviews.

I've always had them delivered within about 2 days of ordering and I never ask for next day delivery so no problems there!

Only thing that does annoy me is that if you return an item you have to pay a £2 handling fee! Or you did the last time I bought from there.

And whoever is suggesting Asos is better quality, I hope they're kidding! They used to be but the last time I bought from there I was highly disappointed, felt like cheap crap I would get from Select or somewhere (sorry people who like Select, I do too but sometimes their clothes don't feel the best quality do they!) and they charge you more for it at Asos too!

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