Dundee or Glasgow??

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    Anybody else in the same position as me? I've received an unconditional from Dundee and a conditional from Glasgow (BBC in advanced highers). I can see pros and cons of each city, and I'm really really stuck as to which one to go to.

    To start with, Dundee is closer to home (Perth) though I can't decide if that is a pro or con yet!! Also when I was there it did seem a bit more modern than Glasgow? And it was nice everything was tightly packed together.

    With Glasgow, they say a lot of time is spent at the dental hospital, and not so much at the west end, so it is more spread apart. Though Glasgow is a MUCH bigger city and there will be loads more going on.

    I know it probably doesn't make that much of a difference but do you think there would be any weighting towards the uni you got the degree? Eg would getting a BDS at Glasgow sound better than Dundee or vice versa?

    At the end of the day I can always put down Glasgow and then Dundee as an insurance, though then I wouldn't get my accomodation choices at Dundee if I didn't meet the condition I think?

    A degree from either Glasgow or Dundee will get you where you want to go. As far as I know they are weighted equally in terms of job prospects, etc.

    I'm in Glasgow currently, and yes you do spend most of your time in the city centre Dental Hospital. It's never been an issue for me though - it's only a 20 minute walk to the West End and there are subway stations and bus stops close to both.

    The rest of the stuff will be a personal decision. Glasgow has good rail and bus links to Perth, so I wouldn't be too worried about getting home. There's certainly plenty to do in Glasgow! I can't offer an opinion on Dundee, as I've never been there myself.

    If you intend going home more then go to Dundee, otherwise consider Glasgow. Go with which you feel is better for you.

    Still trying to figure out who fuzzycloud is - fuzzycloud get on with your revision some smoking cessation or adherence to advice will keep you going,

    Go for Dundee. You'll really appreciate the closeness of home when you get there (personal experience of being quite far from home when I did my degree). Dundee is a lovely city and you're right in saying it's quite compact.
    Just my opinion.
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Updated: April 6, 2012
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