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I was wondering, if anyone knows what will probably come up on the Edexcel Chemistry Exam? I have it tomorrow and i am not sure what topics to go over or revise.

I appreciate any help
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Is this for International GCSE?

Below is a reminder of the questions/topics that came up in Paper 1C:

Q1) Basic laboratory equipment & measuring volumes
Q2) Simple fractional distillation of crude oil
Q3) Atomic structure and calculation of RAM
Q4) Stages in preparation of copper(II) sulphate from copper(II) oxide
Q5) Properties of substances from melting and boiling point data. Changes in electron arrangement when sodium chloride is formed from its elements
Q6) pH changes when acid added to alkali and indicator colours
Q7) Reactions of magnesium with air, steam and dilute H2SO4
Q8) Lithium burning in air to form Li2O and Li3N. Lack of conduction by ionic solids
Q9) Hydrocarbons, cracking, homologous series, empirical & molecular formula, complete & incomplete combustion
Q10) Properties of aluminium, iron & steel. Thermit reaction-exothermic, oxidation and metal reactivity
Q11) Cracking alkanes, test for unsaturation.
Q12) Empirical formula calculation. Dot cross diagram of CF2Cl2
Q13) Structure of diamond, graphite & fullerene. Dynamic equilibrium (effect of temperature
Q14) Addition polymers and problems of disposal
Q15) Calculate moles of NaOH, burette readings; calculating moles of NaOH reacting with CO2 & mass of CO2

Paper 2 is on the afternoon of Tuesday 10th June. It is bound to cover topics other than those in bold type in the specification. I can’t predict what will come up but we may well get questions on the following topics that have not been fully covered so far:

Everything in bold in the specification
Separation techniques
Molar gas volume calculations
% yield
Ionic crystals (1.35-1.37)
Electrolysis including calculations
Group 7
Oxygen & oxides
Hydrogen & water
Reactivity series and redox
Tests for ions/gases
Preparation of insoluble salts & solubility rules
Ethanol & condensation polymerisation
Rates of reaction
Extraction of metals
Haber & Contact processes

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