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Hi everyone!

I've had the chance to be offered unconditional offers for these 2 universities but i'm still hesitating and I would gladly accept any help in choosing. Also, I can't visit the campuses because i'm an international student.
The courses I chose are Public Relations, Marketing and Events at QMU and Media & Communication at GCU.

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I'm having the exact same struggle (except I'd be studying Media at QMU).

I've has a change to tour QMU and it looks like a good uni. Its course and modules (here) probably appeal to me more, as well a number of its other courses are appealing also if things didn't wpork out with Media, as it is more focused in the creative arts and social sciences. However, the course is very similar to Int 1/2/Higher Media Studies, which I've already spent the past 4 years learning, but I do know I'm good at it and feel more prepared. Its accommodation seems better quality than GCU for the same price and is easier to apply for. Edinburgh is also a great city, and I have friend going to QMU even on the same course.

But I feel that as I've lived my whole life in Edinburgh, much as I love it, I feel like I'd be cheating myself out of new experiences if I didn't choose GCU. Its course is a lot more practical and its modules (some of which are here) feel more varied within the media - particularly in 3rd/4th year - as I was unsure what sector I'd like to focus on. GCU is also right in the heart of Glasgow while QMU is a fair distance away from Edinburgh so travel may be expensive, plus Glasgow is better for music venues and bigger shops within its city centre. Glasgow also is Scotland's 'media city' and the uni seems to have good links with STV and BBC too, Scotland's major TV networks both based in Glasgow.

Although I don't know a lot about GCU's buildings and campus (apart from getting quite lost during their Open Evening in October :P) and its Media course is an absolute wildcard for me, I feel like I'd regret not going to GCU more and since I've been gearing myself up to go there, I think that's what I'm going to choose (within the hour - eek!).

I hope I could be of some help other than just rambling to reach a decision of my own. :P

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