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In light of the fact that there's no in character dicussion in the MUN ATM and in the light of The decision by the US house of representatives that they want troops pulled out by april of next year; The Iraq War. Discuss.

Since we currently don't have a US representative the first person who wants to can nab the USA for this thread only.
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Although Liechtenstein believes that the regime under Saddam Hussein was unacceptable by the standards laid down by the appropriate treaties and conventions, it also criticises the US for going into battle without full UN consent. The main purpose of the UN was to prevent wars and bloodshed between countries, if a handful take it on themselves to fight on moral grounds without international backing then the UN is effectively being bypassed; an unacceptable state of affairs.

However, now that they are in Iraq, it is Liechtenstein's wish that the operation be a success. We are not in a position to comment on whether the operation is going well due to a lack of information; however it is encouraging that the want to reduce forces, assuming that that is because they are not needed. we must stress however that giving up should not be an option, as it will most likely make things worse. In Liechtenstein's opinion, the UN needs to be more involved in this conflict than it is at present.

And no, I don't want America thanks

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