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    How did people revise for the application questions or experiment questions or can help me in any way? These are questions that do not have direct reference to the text book (AQA)

    I would do as many past papers as you can get hold of, including lots under time pressure. Answer the questions then go through the official mark schemes thoroughly seeing where you've made errors, especially on questions involving the interpretation of data, because usually it's just a matter of exam technique rather than a lack of knowledge. You will soon see patterns in the mark schemes and if you can use that you will struggle to score badly.
    For the questions relating to experiments, the questions seem to be very similar year on year, just a different subject matter. For example, make sure you know how error is introduced, benefits and weaknesses of specific pieces of common apparatus, standard improvements for practicals i.e. use a thermostatically controlled water bath instead of beakers of water. Know your types of variables back to front because controls are often asked about and that's easy marks.
    This is just what I did, but I got an A in my A level bio last year so hopefully it's of some use
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