A-level AQA Geography: How to write/structure answers

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FYI: This is for the new AQA Geography course - I've been doing some research online and I am struggling to find anything that gives a particular format which is effective for answering exam questions. Does anyone know if there is a certain way in which we should answer 20, 9 and 6 markers in our exams? Many thanks.
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I have exactly the same problem! for 9 markers my teacher suggests that you should only include 2 points and usually one will counter the other. Alternatively, you could use PEEEEL which basically point evidence, explanation, evaluation, and link back to the question. remember 9 markers are all about synopticity and test AO1 which is your knowledge of facts and figures and AO2 which is analysis and evaluation. You do that by considering spatial and temporal scale, so for example if you have to assess the role of mass movement in developing the coastal landscape you could say that it may have a big impact on the short term as it a sudden breakdown of material at the coast but on a longer time period weathering acts upon the landscape everyday to encourage mass movement in the first place. You could also bring in the idea of geology and how certain types of rock in certain places will encourage a certain type of mass movement and how it varies for your spatial scale.

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