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Hi there guys, I was wondering if there was someone out there if they could help me with some ACCA advice????

I've just completed my AAT level 4 (whilst working full time/ distance learning) in 11 months. Level 2 took me 3 months and level 3 took me around 6 months. I was studying 12-15 hours a week. The reason I mention this : I would like to roughly know how long it takes to do f4 to f9 the applied skills section of the ACCA, as I'm exempt from the knowledge section (f1-f3). On the ACCA website I've found they mention 500 hours per module EG. F4= 500 hours? this seems very excessive or is it? Under that calculation roughly I would be lucky to do 2 exams per year? I was hoping to complete 3 exams a year... Is this realistic given I only have 15 hours max a week to dedicate to self study outside of work.. I know the professional exams will be even harder but i'm not thinking about them till later... one module at a time. I didn't find the AAT level 4 too challenging (not saying it was easy!) but managed to get a merit overall.

Has anyone done the AAT in similar time scale to me and then can compare that to the time taken to do the ACCA ? As I don't have a degree, I think it would be wise also to OPT in for the oxford brookes degree, so for an extra ethics module + a project I can then get a Bsc in Accounting . This may be a great option if say in ten years I might want to do something else ( primary school teacher for example) I have an actual legit degree to use in the future and can get into other areas of work easier than having no degree.

Many thanks in advance for your responses!

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I'm currently completing my ACCA after finishing AAT

It is a bit of a jump up to the ACCA papers in terms of difficulty etc however I have been doing 4 exams a year - 2 every 6 months - whilst working full time and find it completely manageable (I study through Kaplan however know people who self study). I tend to start studying around 2/3 months before the exam with around 9ish days at college then a couple hours at weekends/evenings.

Also you have to do the ethics module regardless of doing the Oxford Brookes degree.

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