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Aqa GCSE Physics paper 2

For physics paper 2 (AQA) are lenses from the waves topic going to be assessed. As they are not stated on my advance information anywhere, therefore I am unsure as to whether I should revise them. Does anybody know if they fall into the category of ‘they may still be assessed’ or if ‘they won’t be assessed at all’?
Thank you!!
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@lydial505 I don't think we do - Lenses is specification reference, which is part of 4.6.2 Electromagnetic Waves. Electromagnetic Waves (4.6.2) as a whole is listed as "not assessed" on the advance information meaning that they should not come up in the paper at all. Hope this is helpful?
Edit: this is for the higher paper - is this the paper you are sitting?
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Yes I am sitting higher triple. Thank you so much, that’s really helpful!!
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No worries, me too - good luck!

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