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KSI VS Tommy Fury, who do you think would win?

I've heard somewhere pottentially the fight could happen. I have been watching JJ for years and look up to him a lot but I'm going to be honest as much as I like JJ, I think Tommy Fury would beat him. KSI would beat Jake Paul though but Tommy Fury is professional boxer, he's been doing it pretty much all his life and he's the brother of Tyson. JJ has been doing it since 2018 with Joe Weller, he would have trained since 2017 for that fight. I think maybe JJ would underestimate Tommy Fury too. Also Tommy is a pro boxer, he's a Fury, if he loses to KSI who's just this YouTuber it could ruin his boxing career, JJ has music, YouTube, acting etc and it probably wouldn't look too bad for him to lose. To a lot of people it might be obvious for Tommy Fury to beat KSI but I think it would be closer than people think, I would predict it to go all the way to decision and Fury wins on points. I might be wrong though, maybe KSI could beat Tommy Fury but imo Fury would win and how?
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KSI is not fighting tommy fury
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Honey mother is gonna win
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KSI is not fighting tommy fury

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