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How much revision should I do 4 weeks before exams start?

Hi all, I just wanted to ask how much revision everyone plans on doing after school and at weekends now GCSEs are so close? I never feel like I’m doing enough especially after school and I’m not very good at sticking to a schedule, so if anyone could let me know how much they’re doing (like how many hours/subjects and what they’re doing to revise e.g more past papers) as it would help me work out a realistic plan for myself? Especially if you’re in a similar situation to me and have done a bit before but perhaps not quite enough and aiming for mostly grades 6-7. Thank you :smile:
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I’d honestly say just do a little bit every day. I think everyone ties themselves in knots thinking they should be doing X amount of study everyday. When, in reality, we’re all different. And quality of study always supersedes the quantity of study. It’s better to do an hour of great study than five hours of bad study. My advice to you is firstly, think about what you want to get achieved each day. For example, I used to create mindmaps for my GCSEs, so I’d set myself the task of getting one mindmap done for one unit of chemistry. Sometimes a mindmap would take me a couple of hours and I’d feel really satisfied that I’d done some good revision. Occasionally, if a mindmap only took me half an hour, I’d do another one and then feel content. It’s all about how much you feel is necessary rather than saying I’m going to study for four hours and then feeling guilty when you don’t meet your time target. So, in short, find your revision style and set yourself a daily task rather than a time period. Good luck!

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