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How to migrate & qualify as a solicitor in Australia with UK Law degree? HELP!

I am graduating this September with LLB Law degree at a UK university. I want to know how long will it take to qualify as a solicitor in in Australia? And also the procedure to live and work in the country.

I did my research, first I need my UK LLB Law degree to be assessed by the NSW law society then I guess I have to do certain exams. Finally I need to do PLT/PLC. Also I found out that I need to at least be living in Australia for 2 years in order to apply for work permit visa and later to immigrate to Sydney.

This is where I am confused because the overall duration of doing the exams and PLT would take 1.5 years, which means I won't meet the required points needed in order to apply to immigrate there.

After completing the PLT/PLC, do I need to get trained etc before being called to the court as qualified lawyer?

Is there anyone here who can help me from your experience please? What I should be doing in order to successfully qualify as a lawyer and work in the country?

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