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Geography Work Experience

I am almost certain that I plan to do geography at university and I would like to do some work experience for personal benefit but also to help show a wider interest in the subject. Any recommendations or help would be much appreciated.
i got accepted to Nottingham uni of for Geography - not necessarily gonna get in (grades) but all i did was write a good personal statement talking about what i read in a geography book club in my school and a few talks i went to on oceans and rivers (microplastics) and some general skills i got from helping kids play sport.
Hi there! Not a geography student specifically, but I'm an Earth and Environmental Sciences student at Lancaster University, and I share a lot of modules with geography student. In my experience, geography-related work experience wasn't really necessary before applying to university. Of course, it would definitely show your interest in the subject area, but it is rather overkill and opportunities at below-undergraduate level are very very difficult to come by.

If you are looking for Geography-related activities to include on your personal statement, I would recommend undertaking mentoring/tutoring work (i.e., Y13 student mentor to Y12 student) if this is offered by your school/college. Other things to get involved with may be sustainability related clubs/societies/competitions in school, alongside the other recommendations the poster above has suggested.

Best of luck for your university applications, and I would strongly suggest you take a look into Lancaster's Environment Centre degree programmes, especially if you are looking for a degree that is flexible and allows you to undertake work placements and do study abroad!

^Harry (Lancaster Environment Centre Ambassador)

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