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Innovation courses at Bristol

I'd like to hear from some Bristol students who are doing/have done their subject 'with innovation'. I'm received an offer for Anthropology with Innovation, and I need to decide between that or regular Anthropology BA. It seems a very unique opportunity but there's not much online about it. My specific questions are:

Is the workload more than students who only do one subject? Like if you're doing Geography with Innovation, do you have more work than people who do just Geography?
Is the innovation theory stuff similar to business studies?
How much freedom do you think you have to do the innovation projects YOU want to do?
What kind of person do you think would be most suited to innovation?
Is the degree regarded particularly highly because it's an integrated masters, or kinda thought of as the same as a BA or BSc? That question doesn't really make sense but maybe you get what I mean.

Answers for any of those questions, or just some general thoughts on your courses would be appreciated, thanks a lot!
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I do Geography with Innovation and I recommend it wholeheartedly! It defintly helps career wise i think, as it provides a more business-y type experience that humanities doesn't provide and you get a lot of project experience for your portofilio

There is more work but not much because all the credits still have to add up, for example in first year we don't get the optional choice like full geography students and second year the fieldtrip is voluntary and non-credit bearing but we have the two innovation units instead which does mean we do the same amount of work but outside of the week long trip so it does seem like more. I think we also get more contact hours weekly?

Some innovation theory can be similar to business studies but only the very very occastional 'the bussiness students may have already come across this'. There's also times where subject matter falls under what we study in geography too, like the content about sustainability.

sssooo so so much freedom, there will be specific briefs set like general subject matter but they really encourage creativity and doing what you think fits the brief best.

creatives or enthusiastic people! Even if you dont want to be an entrepreneur it's very good skills for most people to gain too

im not sure about public perception but its a full masters when you graduate and the fourth year is master units while 1-3 are bsc coure discipline units. so both??

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