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is it possible to go from a B to A in a level biology in less than a month??

Hey guys, basically I was going to apply for medicine this year (I am currently in yr13) but my predicted grade in bio let me down (it was a B, I got A* predicted in maths and A in chem). I did a past paper yesterday for bio and got a low B, and no matter how hard I try I cant seem to move past a B. I really want to apply for medicine for sept 2024 and my other 2 subjects are fine, its just biology, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to improve it. I need a minimum of A and I am really panicking. Thank you so much!
Improving from a B to an A is definitely doable, far easier than trying to get to an A from D or E. From what I've heard, biology (depending on your exam board) is very, very specific with your answers. Once you've learnt your knowledge and content, its the matter of doing multiple practice exam papers and learning patterns in mark schemes and how they like you to answer questions specifically. One exam paper wont determine your final grade. I know people who were sat on Bs throughout their entire Y12 and over the summer they just practiced daily and was able to push themselves up to a sustainable A.
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hi there,

i am in y12 and im also applying to study med (:
i study bio (currently A*), chem (currently C) and maths (currently A*)

i think we can both help each other out!

one thing i want to make clear - biology is common sense. now that's not necessarily the case for everyone. exam boards vary as well. i am doing edexcel b for biology so safe to say that most of it is common sense. whatever exam board you are sitting though, biology is biology at the end of the day. if you view biology as hard and difficult, you may end up overlooking topics that you can understand with the snap of a finger. trust me when i say this, all you need are flashcards and active recall. it's literally a memorising game at the end of the day. chemistry and maths are the trickier subjects if im being completely honest. but anyways, my point is YES. you can move up a grade in whatever space of time. it may take a few may take a week. it's all about how you approach the subject. wake up every morning and say to yourself "i will understand biology" and use videos, flashcards, whatever resources you use to remember info - because with biology, you dont necessarily have to understand it, you just need to remember. key word: REMEMBER

hope that was useful. also if u dont mind sharing any chem tips, that would be fab X

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