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London gcse english poetry

can u give me ao3 for london. And some good annotations for key quotes.=)
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context right? blake was an anti-monarchist, so supported the french revolution. he wasn't a fan of the industrial revolution. he was christian but hated how corrupt the church was. blake was influenced by the writer and philosopher jean-jacques rousseau, who said: "man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains". you can see how explores that concept in london.

as far as key quotes:
- "chartered street... chartered Thames": the repetition of "chartered" shows the overwhelming power of the institutions and rich, as they control so much of London. Also the juxtaposition of "chartered Thames" - rivers are free flowing, but it's also owned, expanding on that idea.
- the repetition of every in the second stanza: it inundates the reader and shows the widespread misery among the lower classes
- "mind forged manacles". a metaphor for how the rich have imbued and strengthened the idea of the class system into the poor, preventing an upheaval of the system.
- "the chimney sweeper's cry... every blackened Church appals". juxtaposition of Church and blackened - suggesting corruption. also the contrast between the sweeper's misery and how the church are shocked and don't really take action - shows corruption of institutes.
- "the hapless soldier's sighs runs as blood down palace walls". same idea as the one above, different metaphor. could talk about the contrast between the conotations of soldier and the fact they're not cared for. also the idea of blood staining the palace - accountability.
- "the marriage hearse": the ending is a juxtaposition of new beginnings and death - suggests that this power abuse is an unbreakable cycle. like the cycle of life.

hopefully that helps, you'd obviously build upon that analysis in the real thing. any questions, just ask

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