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Hi guys I have a question discussing the biology AQA mark schemes.
1. Firstly do they deduct marks for extra information. For example, I wrote 'carboxyl group' rather than carboxyl which is what was written in the mark scheme for a one marker. I assume it is because the question said 'group' so they didn't want me to reinstate it? But it is still technically right therefore will I get a mark? (PS i know it sounds stupid but I don't want to lose silly marks).

2. Secondly, If I write extra info, for example in a 4 marker, but it is wrong and the other 4 marks are all mentioned, then will I still get all the marks despite the wrong point?
I think marks go off hitting points on the mark scheme, as far as I am aware they cannot deduct marks but I may be wrong.
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Thanks! So if I write 'this lowers the activation energy' and the mark scheme says 'this reduces the activation energy' but no specific word is underlined, then they will still count it as a mark right? Since it is basically a synonym?

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