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Why I chose to study Fashion in London

Considering studying fashion in London? Are you uncertain if it is worth it?
Deciding to study in a city away from home can be a difficult and stressful choice, given the costs and unfamiliar environment, especially as an international student.
Here are some of my reasons why I took the leap to study fashion in London!

Summer Internships
Despite the rising costs of living and international school fees, one of my main deciding factors was the opportunity to gain work experience in different roles within the industry through summer internships while studying! Kingston University also offers a student ambassador scheme where you can work alongside your studies in a variety of jobs! For example, aside from giving campus tours or assisting in events held in the university as an ambassador, I also have the opportunity to write these blog posts on The Student Room while doing a part time summer internship!:tongue:

Art Galleries and Museums
London is home to many prominent art museums and fashion exhibitions around the world! To name a few, museums like the Victoria & Albert, Tate Modern and Design Museum always have amazing special exhibitions regarding art, design or fashion! The opportunity to be exposed to different forms of art and visual ideas through these exhibitions continue to inspire my studio practice in university and aid in expanding my perspectives on what can be considered to be design. Do you have any favourite museums or galleries in London?

Aside from the curriculum and excellent facilities here at Kingston University, London offers creative freedom and the opportunity to meet other like minded individuals from diverse backgrounds! Nothing is set in stone but all you can do is to take a leap, and if you fall, leap again!:tongue:

What are some other environmental factors that sway your decision? Are you considering coming to Kingston University? Why not visit us during our upcoming open day on the 14th of June! Feel free to drop down any questions or thoughts you may have in the comments down below. :colondollar:

Zhi En (BA Fashion)

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