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Drop out of art foundation??

I'm about halfway through my art and design foundation year and going to study fashion at uni. Taking an art foundation was basically last case scenario because I got accepted into uni in Falmouth but rejected it because I wanted to stay in London. I thought that instead of taking a gap year id get to further develop my fashion skills in my foundation. However the foundation course I joined was more tailored towards art and graphic people with its briefs and electives. So these past 6 months I've struggled on this course to do anything fashion related. So I feel like I've wasted half a year which I could have saved up more money and spent my time practicing sewing at home.So I'm thinking about dropping out of the course because I'm exhausted and frustrated from not being able to do the thing I'm trying to specialise in. My A level grades are high enough to have gotten me into university once so I have a chance of getting in again and I know I'm motivated and passionate enough to be productive at home. However its a big decision to drop out and I'm not sure if its the right decision
Are your parents claiming child benefit?
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Are your parents claiming child benefit?

no why
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no why

They likely could have kept claiming child benefit for this year while you study on the FAD. If they were claiming and relying on that money then it’s a financial consideration when deciding to leave.
Stick with it. Everyone who teaches on art & design degrees really values Foundation years. Working on briefs that aren't your cup of tea is part of what makes them so important... getting out of your comfort zone etc.

Be honest with your tutors. Ask them how you can bend those kind of briefs towards your desired career path. It might be that you make designs to print onto scarves, or create branding for a new fashion label. Also, you can always design and make clothing in your own time, then include them in your portfolio. Don' rely on what your teachers tell you to do.

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