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BCL with 2.1

Hi everyone,

Just finished my law undergraduate at a leading commonwealth uni. I did a law major with a minor in another subject. I am graduating with a first in my law degree, but I hated my minor and got a 2.1 in it, which dragged me down to just below a first overall in my degree as a whole. Is there any point in applying for a BCL with a first in my law major but a 2.1 overall?
1. Here is a document with all the profiles of last year's class!!! :biggrin: …and they all are mostly achieving first place in their respective year at their respective universities?!

2. Also, there were 661 applications for 140 places, so about 5 applications per place. :smile:

3. Please apply, or else you won't ever know if you would be accepted by Oxford University.

4. Also apply to LLMs at Cambridge, Durham, UCL, KCL, LSE, SOAS, QMUL, City, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Warwick, Lancaster, Exeter and Leeds. :wink:
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