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LLM/BCL - am i good enough?


I have just graduated from a joint honours degree in Scots Law with French and am interested in studying an LLM. I spoke to a neighbour's son, who is a dual qualified barrister in the UK and a New York Attorney. He is from an almost identical background to me (similar undergrad, same grades, grew up in the same area, went to state school). He studied both the BCL at Oxford and the LLM at Harvard. He advised me to apply to these places or similar (Cambridge, LSE, KCL, other US Ivy-League schools).

This has been my plan now for a couple of weeks - but i've just stumbled across the BCL "Class profile". This has really disheartened me and now I am unsure whether I should apply. All the candidates seem to have wide legal work experience (clerkships, paralegal work at big firms), have graduated top of their class and have won various awards at university.

I graduated with a First Class from a non-Russell Group, but I have no real legal work experience to speak of, have no idea what rank I was in my class (our uni doesn't provide this as far as I can tell) and I never won any awards or participated in any extra-curriculars at uni.

Do I even stand a chance applying to any of these unis? I'm worried about wasting time and money on these applications just to be told no from them all...

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