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Spring in Kingston: Petersham Nurseries

If you are wondering what else is there to do around Kingston and fancy taking a scenic walk, why not explore Petersham Nurseries! Located just a 15 min bus ride away from the Kingston Town centre via bus 65, Petersham Nursery is just south of Richmond and is a wonderful place to visit in the spring and summer time!

Smell the Flowers!
Upon entering, the first thing you smell is a subtle sweet perfume of flowers in the air. Greeting you at the entrance is an eclectic assortment of colourful foxgloves and clematis flowers for sale on a table. You will notice that every inch of the space is littered with a variety of potted plants and rustic decor. The nursery sells a wide variety of gardening related decor and tools, shrubs, herbs, flowering plants and fruit bearing trees! However this is not your usual nursery, as you walk into the greenhouse, it is not plants you see on display but instead a collection of ceramics, glassware, handmade candles and soap bars! :colondollar:

Teahouse and Restaurant
Aside from the plants, the nursery is also home to a picturesque Teahouse and Restaurant which are very popular and usually requires a reservation if you want to dine in. One of the reasons for its popularity may be its charming atmosphere, situated within greenhouses with wisteria and bougainvillaea trailing overhead. The Petersham Nurseries restaurant also received a green Michelin star owing to their dedication to sustainability. :h:

Take a Walk
If you prefer a longer walk, why not head towards the Thames river and take a scenic stroll towards Richmond! Be warned, the footpath towards Richmond gets flooded during the high tide but you can always take an alternative route of walking through the fields beside the footpath! The view of greenery and rows of houses walking up the Thames are lovely and I would recommend grabbing a soft serve along the way! :wink:
When you are tired, just head towards the Richmond bus terminal and catch bus 65 back to the Kingston town centre!

What do you have planned for the holidays? Are you interested in visiting Petersham Nurseries? Do you know of any other interesting places to explore around Kingston?l
I hope this short post gives you some insight on places you can explore around Kingston, feel free to share any tips down in the comments below!

Zhi En (BA Fashion):h:

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