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Geography NEA Literature Review

I have been trying to find sources for my literature review for my NEA based on infiltration rates. I have found 2 sources on a website called Hodder which is easy to understand. However, I need at least 5 and google scholar is way too hard for me to understand. Where is a good place to find sources that are easy to understand?
I have a good website:
- DOAJ, which is like google scholar but it provides an easier way of searching up what you want.

Tbh, it is hard to find "sources" that are easy to understand. I have done my NEA btw, and when I find resources, they will always be like undergrad/ postgrad style, so it can be challenging. I can give you the following points:
- Find a blurb/ summary of the source, it may have some key points, best read those first
- Highlight (if possible) key points/ principles/ theories of the source. DO NOT read every single line of it.

I think the one key skill in Section A of Investigation, Planning and Purpose is to be good at scanning, skimming and extracting any resources you research

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