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FY1 & FY2 for international medics graduating in 2024

Hello everyone,

I am a british national currently studying Medicine in a EU university abroad. I just completed my 5th year and will be moving into my final year this September, expected to graduate in the summer of 2024.

My university is recognised by the GMC so I am eligible for registration upon completion.

Please could someone shed some light or are able to direct me in the right direction about how to apply for FY1/2 programmes in the NHS (if eligible)? I have a couple of questions - if anyone could help me answer any at all, it is very much appreciated!

1. Am I required to sit the IELTS test still even though I am a british national with an English GCSE qualification (grade A)?

2. Would international medics graduating next year still be eligible to apply for FY1?

3. Am I suppose to apply now for FY1/2 during the transition from 5-6th year (in the summer) or would it be like some time during the first semester of my final year?

Any information, advice, or tips are much appreciated, thank you!
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You still need IELTS as a UK national (me and anyone else in the same case had to do it)


IMGs are not eligible for FY1 training positions.


You can apply in your last year for F2 standalone (in January ish)

TBH, I'd recommend looking elsewhere, do your specialty in the country you graduate from or smthg, there are virtually no jobs, one FY1 non training position will pop up maybe once a week and over 1000 applicants for each of these positions.

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