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FY1 London night shifts

Does anyone have a definitive list of which trusts in London don’t do nights for FY1’s
not sure there is one ... but I knew friends from Imperial that don't

seen as unsafe if FY1s cover nights haha
Original post by Avempace
Can anyone help me get signed on to a hospital bank in London, I am British and graduated last year from an EU medical school. Struggling to find a job.

What help are you needing? Google "London hospital staffbank" and then follow the instructions in the links that come up.
Original post by Avempace
Well, most banks don’t let you join unless you have worked in the NHS for at least 6 months

So how can TSR help with that?

If you have never worked in the NHS, working as a locum is a terrible idea. Look for a longer-term locum role or clinical fellow post, and once you have some experience, apply for the bank jobs if locuming is what you want to do. You are going to have to be very flexible and accept that you most likely won't get a job in London though.

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