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Training Contract Interview

Knowing what to expect at your training contract interview is a one step to success. To be the best at it, here are some tips for preparing for your interview.

Get to know the firm and their areas of practice. A good knowledge of the law firm you are interviewing with will help you in answering questions comfortably.

Know one or two commercial awareness topics relating to the law firm. Be abreast with the current happenings of the state too(current affairs).

Go through the application you sent and memorize all that you have said so as to avoid having a different answer from what is in your application. This can cause ambiguity and will raise questions as to your expertise.

Practice! Ask either your family or friends (whoever that is close to you at your preparation stage) to quiz you so that you can be familiar with questions that will be thrown to you.

Know how to answer questions. When you are asked a question, be able to digest the question properly( in seconds) and answer well. Do not be in a haste to reply to any question to avoid going off point.

Dress comfortably. Wear a dress that fits you and will be comfortable on you. Do not dress to kill (like you are going for a party). Dress like one who is going for an interview. Dress smart.

Expect the worst. This doesn’t mean that you will fail your interview. No! Expect questions that you won’t think will be asked. Prepare your mind to think fast and come up with something. Even when you are wrong, be confident in what you’re saying. Most times they don’t look at the knowledge you have but your confidence. Don’t act like you are in fear. Be upright and answer questions as you have been asked. See it as an interactive session.

Try to be comfortable with the environment. That will help you interact better.

I hope this helps.

University of Bradford Alumni Rep

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