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Had an interview last Wednesday and still haven't heard back?

I was made redundant in June from a business analyst role in which I worked in for 5 years.
I took a short holiday after that, I have been applying to some jobs after that and have had a few interviews but with no luck.Last month I had an interview for software engineer role on a 18 month contract at my local police station. The manager for the role got back in touch with me a few days after and said that i don't have the exact skills to get started straightaway as it's only for 18 months the role doesn't have much time to be trained up in as it covers a wide range of services, however she told me about an upcoming role in the same team which she feels my skills are more aligned with.Its a similar role and is a 2 year contract so there is more time to learn on the job and it covers less wide projects.She told me that I will need to go through the application and interview process again, but she has asked me to get in touch if I have any questions.The talent acquisition lead/internal recruiter emailed me the link to the role 3 weeks ago and he said 'we have to be fair and advertise this to everyone, but we would really like you to apply for this role' so I applied for it.The job post closed last week, and the interview was 5 days ago. Although we've just had the weekend so I wasn't expecting a response over that time.I thought it went well, it was with the same people as last time. Towards the end they talked a lot about the onboarding process e.g vetting, training and working arrangements. They said they would get in touch with me the next day but I haven't heard anything, is that a bad sign? I've continued to apply for other jobs in the mean time.
If they said they would be in touch the next day and they didn’t then ring up and check they have the right contact details for you.

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