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PLS HELPPP PLS!!Do sixth forms look at report books before offering entrance exams?!

Hi guys!

I’m a fellow overseas gal from outside of uk who’s interested in attending a Sixth Form College in the near future. I wld just like to know if any of y’all know if sixth form colleges (SFCs) look at report books before inviting students to take entrance exams.

I know this qn may seem very confusing but do sixth forms take report books into account? Or are the test results more important?

I come from a country where students are normally heavily prepared for their GCSEs.
Meaning, our inter-school papers are set in a way harder than our GCSEs (btw we don’t take the IGCSE, we take another type of Cambridge GCSE which is supposedly “tougher”-I’m not sure though”)

So, I know this may sound really cocky but even though my report book has Bs and Cs and even Fs, I don’t have a problem doing the IGCSE papers at all. I’m only in Year 10 and have already started learning what is considers A level maths in UK as that is how our syllabus in set here.

I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way, I’m genuinely trying to seek advice as I’ve been very confused and troubled regarding this matter. Thank you very much :smile:
you apply with your grades
I'm pretty sure they only look at the grades you achieve in IGCSE.
You might need to get a reference from a teacher though for applying
Honestly, don't worry about it yet as you are in year 10- just focus on getting good grades in IGCSE (you might want to check the requirements of the sixth form you want to go to beforehand to see what grades you need to get .
Good luck!

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