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Engaging English Learning with a Magical Twist: Seeking Resources for a Harry Potter-

I am in search of an English teaching methodology for foreign learners, infused with a touch of magic and adventure. This year, I have decided to organize a class with the Harry Potter theme, and I am looking for a book, methodology, or manual that incorporates this enchanting universe while facilitating language learning.I have already explored various reading guides related to the Harry Potter books, but I would now like to find a more pedagogical and structured resource tailored to English teaching. If any of you have had the opportunity to use such material or have recommendations to share, I would be extremely grateful.Thank you in advance for your invaluable assistance and suggestions.Best regards,
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Before you start - do all your students know who Harry Potter is? Have they all read it? Are they all as enthusiastic about Harry Potter as you are? If the answer to any of these questions is no, the ditch Harry Potter. He really is not the panacea of children's reading those who love him think and especially not with foreign readers or readers who are not white British.

At the end of the day as a teacher you need to teach what you need to teach. When you are able to do that really well, then you can look at bringing in all manner of fancy themes and concepts but if you are setting out, focus on the basics and just teach your best. Any mythical magic will only serve as a distraction away from what you are trying to get them to do which is getting them to love reading, something that is very hard to do and Harry Potter is not necessarily going to do that for you I am afraid.

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