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BPP GDL: Tips and Advice

Hi everyone,

I will start the GDL at BPP Uni this September. As I am also working on some research projects on the side at a different uni, I am trying to plan how to best study for the GDL and use my limited time throughout the week. I have a legal educational background of four years (civil law, however), so I am not really worried about acquiring legal skills, but about the bulk of case law and commentary I will assumably have to read to write my essays and assessments.

Anyone who has done the GDL (at BPP or a different uni), do you have advice you wished you had known on how to best plan, read, study and prepare throughout the term?

Thank you loads in advance!!
The main thing is just to do the work that is set, take part in any seminars and that kind of thing. BPP (and university of law) have good lecturers and materials and will give most people who are diligent and have reasonable English the tools to pass the exams if the work is put in throughout the course.

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