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Need help on choosing a levels for vet med

Hi there,
I have just recieved my resulsts and they were pretty good 7s and 8s , and will be strating sixth form in September, I am choses biology and chemistry to study so far, and wanted to do sociolgy but it clashed with biology lessons on timetable. So now I am contemplating whether to study phcology or crimonolgy.
I am leaning more towards crimonolgy as it seems more interesting but my only concern is that Crimonlnolgy is a WJEC Level 3 dimploma and has some corsework as well as exam, but its said to be marked A - E grading system like A levels.

I know lots of unis say you have to study 3 A levels ,so does crimonolgy count or not. And has there been someone who has chosen Bio, chem and crimonolgy and got a place in vet school.Thanks
Sorry, I can't advise on whether criminology would be considered an A Level or not and whether vet schools would accept it - you can email or call the vet school's you are interested in admission teams to check for sure - I'd say email is best to have it in writing just in case but calling would probably get you a quicker answer if you need it. I did take psychology personally and found it very interesting, and it had links with biology so made studying easier. I found it an easy A* personally and very relaxed so took away the pressure when I found chemistry extremely difficult, but then I also enjoy essay writing and that kind of subject - I believe there is some overlap with criminology anyway as we did look into things like theories why criminals might do what they did. Obviously you will need biology and chemistry for vet schools so they're non-negotiable really. Maybe just do some further research/enquiries into what you learn about in psychology and criminology, decide if criminology would really make you much more interested than psychology, and also ensure the vet schools do take it 100%. If they don't then I wouldn't risk problems with getting into vet school over an A Level, but if they do then happy days, do what you're interested in!
RambleAmple said it really well and I have nothing to add, just another vote for what they said. I also don't know how criminology would stand and would rely on answers from the admissions teams at the universities you're interested in, but personally would err on the side of caution and consider psychology - that way you definitely have three A levels if for some reason they go back on their word, or if you end up in a situation of re-applying or clearing you have the A levels for unis that you may not have considered much for now. Well done on your GCSEs and best of luck!

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